North Cali Trip

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

The Prestwoods spent a week in Sonama and San Francisco, California, and we had a blast!

Sonoma, California

We went in late September, and the weather was perfect! It did get a little hot during the day, but nothing us south Alabamians couldn't handle. The nights were nice and crisp - the perfect little tease into fall.

We flew into San Francisco, rented an SUV and went straight to Sonoma. Sonoma was definitely our favorite out of the two cities. It was an adorable little town, just a bit bigger than Fairhope, but it had all of the quaintness, plus more wine. We were told it was a smaller, cheaper version of Napa, and I have to guess that it's true. We did not venture to Napa. Nothing was completely outrageous. Prices were comparable to most of the restaurants in Fairhope.

We spent Sunday-Wednesday visiting tasting rooms, wineries, eating, and enjoying a gorgeous house close to everything. I will link our recommendations below! It was very relaxing and slow-paced - much more my style. There was also a market/concert/mini-festival at the square while we were there. I'm not sure what it was called, but I think it only happens during the warmer months.