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Most Used Newborn Items

Tis the season of babies it seems! My sweet Nora was born this past July and since then, I've had a few friends and relatives who are pregnant ask what are my favorite products so far. There are many flavors/brands of the same types of items (and they all seem to have the same reviews), but these are the ones I have and have used the most:

  • This swing - Helps calm her down, great for naps, or just a spot to sit her while I have something I need to do.

  • The Owlet Sock - Brings us peace of mind while we sleep! Worth every penny (and I'm a pretty cheap person).

  • This monitor - We got this monitor instead of the one the goes with the Owlet because you don't have to use your phone for it. Good night vision, and you can talk to the baby through it.

  • This baby lounger - We just used it to lay her next to us on the couch. Good for laying her on her side. Our parents come over quite a bit, and this comes in handy for letting her nap with them in the living room while I take a nap in my room. Easier than taking her back to her crib for every single nap.

  • This baby carrier - Great for taking a quick walk around the neighborhood, running into the store real quick, or if she's not wanting to be put down and I have to get dinner going.

  • This nursery center - This one is quite heavy. Another brand might be better, but the set up is great. The little removeable bassinet came in handy during her first few weeks when she slept in our room or in another room when my mom would stay over. We haven't used the changing table part or the larger sleep areas because she now sleeps in her crib in her room.

  • Gripe Water - For SO. MANY. HICCUPS. I'd say it works about 3 out of 4 times.

  • Brest Friend nursing pillow - This one has better support than the Boppy IMO.

  • Hello baby books - Black & white high-contrast books. There are different subjects. She actually smiles at these and will be entertained for a few minutes at least.

  • This play gym - This went with her nursery, but any will probably work. Great for laying her down for minute, or to play with her.

  • These drawer organizers - I roll up her cotton onesies and outfits and put them in here. Great to see what she has to wear quickly, and I can fit a onesie, matching pants, and matching bow/hat in one square. Also can fit 2 regular onesies in one.

  • These onesies - My go-to for days around the house. The little cuffs are awesome so you don't have to use mittens.

Other must-haves:

  • Stock up on diapers & wipes, sizes 0 AND 1 because you never know how quick the babe will grow

  • Plenty of burb clothes

  • Aquaphor or other type of diaper cream

  • Several changing pad liners because they like to surprise you while you change them

  • A basket of diaper changing items & pad in other rooms spend a lot of time so you don't always have to run to the nursery

  • A pumping basket with all your equipment if you breastfeed.

  • A basket in the living room where you can keep all the random baby stuff so it feels a little neater

  • Children's Tylenol to keep on hand and for after their 2 month vaccines in case they get fever. (FYI: The doc told us the children's is cheaper than the infant with the exact same dosage.)

  • Try to find swaddles that are stretchy, soft, and large that are NOT muslin. Muslin is fine for using as a blanket and swaddle baths, but we like a more solid material for sleep swaddles.

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