A Day of Fairhope

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

For the first blog post, I thought it only appropriate to introduce Fairhope, Alabama.

This beautiful coastal town is where I get to call "home." There are so many neat little nooks and crannies throughout, and new businesses, you could find something different every day. The population is over 20,000 people with thousands visiting from all over the world, so there is always someone new to meet. However, it's still a very small town and you will definitely run into a friend or neighbor on any given day. It really feels like you're in one of those Hallmark movies about a charming, southern town.

The art...THE ART!!! That is the heart of Fairhope. I don't think I can count on two hands the amount of galleries that are in downtown alone. The biggest contributor and advocate to the art community in Fairhope is the Eastern Shore Art Center. They are the first to open and kick-off Art Walk (first Friday of each month where the local businesses open up and the whole town comes in and walks the streets to enjoy art, music, and food).Plus, there is the springtime outdoor art show and festival that brings artists from all over the country to exhibit, and thousands of visitors to see it.